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My Morning Ritual

Ok, first things first, what does the title mean?!

It sounds cool, but nothing to do with ghosts and gods

There is this drink I call it my morning ritual

or my morning routine

I think they mean the same ;)


So it is Lemon + Hot Water

Use organic lemon ( 2 -4 slices), and if you cannot find organic water, use the safe + boiled water (500ML) please. And do let us know where you can find organic water.

Sooo....Every morning, before anything you will put your stomach to, drink minimal 400ml of that. Add a bit raw honey as you like.

It works wonders! It helps me to have better immune system, better skin and a better mood to start off the day!

At first I thought to add pictures of lemon and water to make the post more fun to read, but since you are already at the end of the post, lets say it's not necessary. Plus you know how they look like :D

Have a nice day ;) I'm off to my morning ritual

#Wellbeing #Health #Lifehack

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