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Music with Strangers Concert at Popei (23/07/16), Performer Perspective

So let me tell you a bit more about my performing experience at Popei, Eindhoven with the group Music with Strangers!

Wait, I have not yet told you about this cool group:

We were a bunch of strangers, united by the common love of music, now we are no strangers any more but we welcome any new stranger to our big happy stranger family :D This is my first time to meet such a diverse musical group in terms of nationalities, instruments we play and age. It really shows music has no border! Many of these people show me that there is so much room for me to improve, as well as how smart they are provided most of them are engineers!

So this is my second time performing at the official events from this group. We played three songs:

1. In The End -Linkin Park. Check the link. The sound structure can be improved as the one of the mic is not working, haha. HOWEVER, it is such fun experience! This is a spontaneous decision to perform the song, meaning we did not rehearse much. The audience are overwhelmingly supportive, I felt we were given overhyped attention. Such an honor to cover the song and to have this atmosphere. (Link)

2. Read all about it -Emile Sande. This is a special song for me and I also appreciate the singer. The lyrics strike me and express how I feel effortlessly.

3. Uninvited - Alanis Morissette. I also really like this singer, her songs resonate with me. Another song, Everything, is also great.

As you may have noticed, I still struggle a bit as an accompanying keyboarder, it is a challenging task: I should not only master my own piece but also to collaborate with others. As a result, it is great experience for me to learn and to be part of inspiring talents!!!!

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