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What a year has passed

Wow looking back, this year slipped away fast.

Ups and downs, mostly drifting in between.

I remember every year when I was able to look back, I would always conclude that year had been the best year. And when the year of 2016 came, I felt so confident about the year. At the end, I felt different, a mixed flavour of all emotions. Even though this feeling cannot be denied and there are so many uncertainties arise from that, after some time, either after a few days, months or years, I will be able to say, I am extremely thankful for 2016. Blessings are sometimes disguised as pain, yet they are powerful to let you grow, to let you be in charge of your own destiny, full stop. That, needs to be appreciated.




I leave the blanks for the words I tell myself ;)

If you are by the chance reading now to this line, I hope 2017 is a blessful year for you. !

#Wellbeing #Sentiment

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