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I'm so feeling driven

Sometimes it is difficult for people to understand and handle

Still, I say it always,

I do what's best for me and you do what's best for you,

At least this way I feel loyal to my heart,

Speak of loyalty,

It's such a precious word,

Takes huge commitment and work,

Absence of control,

In this world,

Difficult to find someone who's loss of control for others,

Kinds of manipulation,

Kinds of pretension,

And they think you are too naive to comprehend,

Will someone ever read this,

Lost love is an ache and itch,

How is it possible to love two,

Especially for someone who holds high regard of loyalty,

Gone with the wind,

Maybe for the best,

Lost love,

May you have my best wish.


That hurts a bit.

Still, I cannot stop on my goal,

Appreciate what you have,

One lesson to learn this life 

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