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I have failed miserably 

I just want to make this post relevant

And acknowledge what I am feeling inside

Failed not in the sense of not having the correct customers


Not in the sense of not having enough knowledge

Not not being ethical in business

Rather not taking enough responsibilities of my life

However I'm extremely grateful 

For people who are with me now

Or not

Coz they teach lessons too

Once you hit rocket bottom you know 

You know you can survive 

And thrive

I see the silver lining

It will take time

To rebuild trust

To rebuild foundation

But I am ready

And grateful

For the divine for giving me these lessons

I have to acknowledge that I failed

So that I can reset my sail

If you are reading this

Know that you are never alone in the rocket bottom

And once you reach the bottom

You can rebuild who you are 

Step by step

By choice 

Love, Juanza 

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