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Homemade Chocolate

I have been making homemade chocolate for around a year, as an alternative to supermarket sold commercial chocolate. WHY: 1. More Organic 2. Healthier 3. In other words, you can control what you put. WHAT YOU NEED: Coconut oil; cacao powder (not cocoa); honey; nuts; coconut chips (what you want to add). Freezer; pan; icecube mold HOW: 1. Get all the ingredients, put in the heated pan for 1-2 minutes 2. Stir while heating (low fire), until they mix. 3. Put the fluid (with a spoon) in the icecube mold. 4. Put the mold in the freezer for 30 minutes minimum and 1-2 hours recommended. 5.Get the mold out, take the chocolate out. 6. Enjoy (fast). HOW LONG: 5 minutes of handwork; 30 minutes (Recommend 2 hours) of freezer time. DISCLAIMER: As this is 100% organic and no stabiliser is added; the coconut oil is going to make the chocolate melt. So eat fast.

#Wellbeing #Lifehack

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